Compendio Gallery
Lorenzo Ciompi is a private collector with a wide experience in Italian design achieved starting from the beginning of the 90's. His collection includes famous items designed by Gio Ponti as well as other well-known Italian designers such as Ico Pairisi, Osvaldo Borsani, Carlo De Carli , Carlo Mollino, Melchiorre Bega, Joe Colombo. A lot of furniture items projected by these designers were published on important magazines such as AD, The World Interiors, Elle, Domus.

Through exhibitions and an accurate choice of the proposed items Compendio Gallery aims at exploring and rediscovering Italian furniture by Architects of the XXTH CENTURY DESIGN, a domain which has been forgotten for too long.

A strict relation with the most important historical Italian Archives enables Compendio Gallery to offer complete and accurate information.

These pieces were exhibited in the most important GIO PONTI exhibitions: GIO PONTI A WORLD, London 2002 design Museum, Milan 2003 Triennale and Rotterdam 2003 Nai Museum. Pieces of this prominent collection are shown in the permanent collection of The Triennale in Milan, and Moma in New York.

These accurate exhibitions, arranged in only 10 years, highlighted all those pieces of furniture which are milestones in the Italian design.
LORENZO CIOMPI is also one of the main donors of the Triennale Design Museum in Milano; items of his private collection are now in the permanent collection of the Museum

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