extraordinary rare Carlo de Carli three feet round gueridon center table,1946

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Carlo de Carli center table


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very rare gueridon center table designed by Carlo De Carli, Milano 1946-47
walnut, maple, brass
maple star inlay on the center of the top
three conical and thin brass feet ,polished wood on the top tapered at the edges
measures: diam: 102cm height: 76 cm
very good condition
a masterwork of italian design and one of the iconic piece of Carlo de Carli, this item is probably a unique piece.
In the immediate post-war period between 1945 and 1947 De Carli realizes handcrafted some models and prototypes of tables and chairs which were then slightly modified to be mass-produced in the 1950s. In 1945 realizes a unique table for Casa Franzi, repeatedly published, very similar to this piece. In 1946 and 1946 produced with Anelli, Saita and Scarpini in Corso Como in Milano a prototype of a famous chair, winner of Compasso D’oro and exhibited in Triennale of Milano in 1951. The feet of the chair are the same for shape, proportions and materials of the three feet of this table. A few years later this table goes into production with the form published by Aloi in Examples (see biblio).
Carlo De Carli was among the first designers to devise a table stand with 3 conical-shaped legs. later the major Italian designers including Ponti and Buffa used this example.
Biblio:Roberto Aloi”Esempi di arredamento moderno-Tavoli-tavolini-carrelli” Hoepli Ed. Milano 1956 fig 37.
Irene de Guttry ..”Il Mobile Italiano degli anni 40e 50″ Ed Laterza.1992, pg 33 and 155.
Carlo De Carli “Architettura”Hoepli ed 1982 Milano ,pg 694

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