Ico Parisi Wood and Laminate toilette desk with mirror, Hotel Lorena, 1960


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Ico and Luisa Parisi vanity desk from Hotel Lorena, Grosseto
manufacured by Ditta Bernini
Italy, 1959-60
wood, mirrored glass and laminate
Measures: H 75cm,110 x 45 cm ; total heigh with open mirror: 110cm
mirror:h:40 x 53x 3cm
Ico and Lusia Parisi were commissioned to design the entire interior for the Hotel Lorena in 1959. This vanity unit comes from one of the bedrooms and features a fold down mirror covering a storage compartment and single drawer. The top is lined with the original black laminate which is in good order. These vanity desks were produced by Ditta Bernini Milano.
Desk features a fold down mirror and two drawer.
available inside the drawer an original bar order list and adv from Hotel Lorenza
A desk of the same collection was sold in Important Italian Design , Wright Auction 07/11/2007, Chicago
Literature: DOMUS N. 385 Dicembre 1961; Domus 1960-1964, Volume V, Fiell, ppg. 234-239 illustrate the commission
Ico Parisi design Catalogo Ragionato, by Roberta Lietti Silvana ed.2017, pag 44

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Dimensions 110 × 45 × 75 cm

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