Lucio Fontana “Concetto Spaziale” Oil and Mixed-Media on Glass, 1953


Lucio Fontana.
Concetto Spaziale 1952-1953.

Oil and mixed media on glass.
Measures: 90 X 110 cm (101 cm x 120 with frame).
No signed.

Sold with certification by Archivio Fontana, archived by Archivio Fontana n. 2511/1.
Executed by Lucio Fontana during his cooperation with Arredamenti Borsani Milano.

Exhibition: In viaggio con Fontana, Giò Ponti, Boetti: il mondo di Lisa Ponti, Palazzo Delle Stelline Milano 2005, published in the catalogue.
-Camere d’artista Italian design, 1930-1960; Villa Bertelli Forte dei Marmi Lu 24 july, 14 sept 2014.

Literature: Enrico Crispolti “Lucio Fontana” Catalogo ragionato- Skira Ed. Milano 2006 ,Tomo II PAG 920 fig 52-53V44.

The first examples of Lucio Fontana’s best known series Concetto Spaziale were introduced in the early 1950s punctures and small cuts penetrate the two-dimensional surface, activating the composition while introducing an element of three-dimensional space .
The slashes of paint on the pure surface of the glass both conceptually and aesthetically mimic the action that created punctures in Fontana’s canvases.
The vibrant background appears like an expansive horizon with the composition simultaneously representing void and presence, the absence of and illusion to space.
One of the only a few known versions, this work is the strongest and most vibrant of the collaborative painted artworks by Lucio Fontana for Osvaldo Borsani.
This work was thinking as an ideal TV screen, linked to the Fontana’s experimental works (buchi ed immagini luminose in movimento) for the RAI-TV borns in 1952 in Italy. (Lucio Fontana-Hayward Gallery, London 1999 pag188).
In this painting Lucio Fontana was surely affected by the action painting of Jakson Pollock.
He saw in Paris in march 1952 in Facchetti gallery the first European exhibition of the dripping artworks of Pollock. (Pollock painting abscondita Ed.Milano 2009 pg 151).

This item was published on the cover of AD (Architectural Digest) march 2010, Italian Edition n. 346.

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